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Lion Prowler™

Lion Prowler™

The Lion Prowler™ is a portable power unit that can provide charging for smart phones, USB devices, and comes equipped with a built in flashlight and lamp.

  • Easy to Use – Plug in any USB device that needs power
  • Convenient – Easy to transport, lightweight and fits in your back pocket, backpack, carry bag or clipped on with a carabiner
  • Durable – Rugged design and comfortable to hold in your hand
  • Airline approved
  • 5 year warranty
  • Read safety white paper
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Weight (pounds) 1
Dimensions 6.8 X 3.7 X1
Outputs Wireless Charger – 10W
2X USB-A Ports – 5V @ 3A Each
1X USB-C Port – 5V @ 3A
Input Micro USB or via USB- C (Micro USB / USB Charging Cable Included)
Charge Time (Wall) 8+ hours
Battery Lithium Polymer
Life Cycles 300+
Rated Capacity 20,000mAh / 74Wh
Warranty 5 year


The Lion Prowler is made from Lithium Ion, is safe to use and meets all the TSA guidelines so you can take it with you traveling even on airplanes. Because it does not emit any toxic fumes, you can carry and use it with you wherever you go – in your pocket, purse, backpack, briefcase, indoors or outside. The Lion Prowler goes through extensive testing from initial design through production and before it ever leaves Lion Energy.

To learn more about the safety features on this product, click on this link

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    The Lion Energy Summit™ is a portable solar powered generator that provides safe, silent, and renewable power for your cooking, communication, entertainment, CPAP, work, and emergency needs. No fuel or maintenance required. With 530W of output, multiple outlets and ports, and weighing only 18 pounds, you can have power at your fingertips, wherever you are.

    • Faster Charge Time – Can fully charge from the wall in as little as 4 hrs.
    • Easy to Transport - Weighing only 18 pounds but still holding an impressive 530W / 665Wh capacity.
    • Pure Sine Wave - Approved for all your sensitive electronics such as CPAP and media devices.
    • Built tough to withstand the harsh elements and be able to consistently perform day in and day out.
    • 5 year warranty
    • Read safety white paper

    *Solar panels must be purchased separately.

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    The Lion Trek is our smallest portable solar power generator that has an AC outlet and in capable of up to 150W of output. Plug in anything from laptops, lamps, cameras, phones, and even TVs. Keep projects going with all the power you need. The Trek has the most portable power you can take with you on an airplane.

    • Powers Many Devices – Power devices up using AC, USB or USB-C
    • Weighs Less – Only 2.1 pounds
    • Renewable – Can recharge with 50W solar panels or AC wall outlet
    • Power Longer – Has up to 99.9Wh of stored energy
    • 5 year warranty
    • Read safety white paper

    *Solar panels must be purchased separately.

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